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Canadian researcher warns of vulnerability in protocol used by M2M applications

Researcher and Trend Micro separately found protocol design issues and implementation vulnerabilities

Rogers introduces ‘one SIM to rule them all’

Communications company is making it simpler for Canadian customers to roll out IoT solutions

Bringing small manufacturers to the cloud nets RtTech Startup Canada’s innovation award

By building on top of Microsoft's Azure platform, developing a patented way to monitor machine efficiency, and taking its product global, RtTech is building a serious business and earning some recognition along the way

BlackBerry Security Summit 2015 – BlackBerry gets the message right

At their Security Summit held today in New York, BlackBerry moved boldly to stake its claim to leadership not only in the area of...

Report raises alarm on connected cars spying on Canadian motorists

Same technology used to improve vehicle safety also facilitates the collection of personal data that can be used for marketing purposes, according to the report

Cisco, IBM others move to standardize IoT networks

LPWANs are extremely slow but can still be useful in a wide range of commercial and government applications such as smart meters and asset tracking

Here comes the Internet of Things

Quick facts about the IoT ahead of our July 30 Twitterchat

10 Internet of Things predictions for 2015

A list of IoT trends and issues CIOs and CISOs need to keep an eye on for 2015 and beyond

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