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Uber, Doordash, Lyft share tanks after Labor Department proposes change to worker classification

Stock prices for Uber, Lyft and DoorDash, which rely heavily on gig workers to transport people and meals, fell on Tuesday after the Department of Labor issued a proposal that could pave the way for regulators and courts to classify gig workers as employees rather than independent contractors.

Ridesharing services could soon replace personal vehicles, according to Accenture study

A future in which personal vehicles are no longer popular and ridesharing services rule the road may be closer on the horizon than some may expect.

Lyft to offer discounted rides to get Toronto and Ottawa voters to polls this election

Lyft will be offering 50 per cent off to the Toronto and Ottawa voters on their rides to the polls on Oct. 21, 2019....

Lyft is coming to Vancouver by the end of the year

Lyft is branching out of Ontario.

Hashtag Trending – Lyft is going to offer discounted rides during U.S. midterm elections; Twitter’s CEO might testify; Apple hires dozens from Tesla

Lyft is going to help American voters get to a voting station during its midterm elections. Republicans are calling out Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to testify on the censorship of conservative accounts. And Apple has hired on several Tesla employees.

Hashtag Trending – Pinterest ad sales nearing $1 billion USD; Uber/Lyft ban driver for filming riders; Tesla asking suppliers for refunds

Pinterest’s ad sales are approaching $1 billion - with a B - USD in revenue. Uber and Lyft cut ties with a driver who secretly filmed hundreds of passengers. And Tesla is asking some of its suppliers for cash back to help it become profitable.

Uber and Lyft expand Toronto services to Pearson Airport

Toronto's leading ride-sharing services have expanded their market. On Tuesday, the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) announced the launch of a pilot project allowing Uber...

Hashtag Trending – Reports surface on low-cost Surface tablet; Lyft joins Uber on sexual assault claims; Cogeco CEO steps aside

Microsoft has plans to release a low-cost Surface device, Lyft joins Uber on sexual assault claims, and Cogeco CEO Louis Audet steps aside.

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