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Q&A with IBM


Lotus on mobile devices needs consistency: IBM exec

At IBM Lotusphere 2011, Big Blue commits to four major mobile platforms while acknowledging user device preferences and a fast-evolving device market. One Research In Motion exec explains the PlayBook has the foundational technology for Lotus apps

Lotus gets Web productivity tool, social integration

At Lotusphere 2011, with the help of actor Kevin Spacey, Big Blue announces a Web version of Lotus Symphony and the Social Business Toolkit. How Royal Bank of Canada improved a dismal customer satisfaction rating with a new Web experience built atop Lotus

IBM to unveil new mobility strategy

The new strategy is scheduled to be announced as part of the company's new software development laboratory, which officially launches on Wednesday. Analysts say that the news is long overdue, as IBM needs to step its game up on mobility


The free iPhone OS app syncs e-mail between iPad and Lotus Domino servers. The iPhone and iPad already support Microsoft Exchange e-mail accounts

IBM wants to bring Apple, social networking to the enterprise

At the Macworld Expo in San Francisco, IBM unveils enterprise-class social software for the iPhone and Mac, a move that sends the message that Apple is ready for the business

IBM Lotusphere 2010 showcases Canadian developers

The IBM Lotusphere 2010 conference in Orlando showcased Canadian companies building tools atop the Lotus platform. We caught up with Extracomm, Point Alliance, Mitel Networks, Tungle and Research In Motion. WITH VIDEO

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