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Is application maintenance consuming your IT budget?

In this article, we will examine the realistic strategies that CIOs and CTOs should consider when leading their organization's initiatives to respond to these application trends and requirements.

Complex legacy systems leave airlines ripe for security turbulence

While cyber threats are the sexy cause causes of disruption, older systems that lack redundancy can leaf to costly downtime

Happy IT service desk staff keep Domtar’s diverse applications running

The sustainable pulp and paper company is the sum of many mergers and acquisitions which means it has many applications, but its EasyVista deployment has kept helpdesk staff and users happy

An open letter to Canada’s next Prime Minister

During election campaigns we often hear about infrastructure investment and job creation plans from government. But a focus on electronic infrastructure and creating better economic efficiencies through an e-invoicing initiative also deserves attention.

Re-architect your network for BYOD

This white paper describes the limitations of legacy networks, especially for supporting BYOD. Understanding these limitations can pave the way for a successful BYOD...

Worried about losing your job to a younger, cheaper IT worker?

It's a fair question, but asking it doesn't mean resigning oneself to getting laid off. There are plenty of advantages older IT workers bring to the table that can help ensure they stay employed through the recession and beyond. Here are five tips for older IT workers

Maple Leaf Foods gets business process makeover

The Toronto-based food processing company insists an SAP ERP deployment was not driven by the Listeria outbreak last year. However, the SAP platform offers

Mastering metrics: Ontario’s five-year strategy plan

The Ontario government's IT infrastructure has changed dramatically over the past 10 years. Slated for implementation in April 2008, a new five-year strategy plan aims to pin down performance management with a set of solid metrics. Expect more standardized operating environments and more consolidation.

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