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City of Brantford gets in synch

Municipal database administrators were constantly having to re-write code so their repositories could share information. But by using an open source tool, the city was able to port its data on to an Avantis system. Find out why they went the open source route.


Intel Canada sponsors a survey that shows 10 per cent of those in some of Canada's largest cities consider themselves comfortable with advanced technology. But when do they turn from tech-savvy to IT know-it-alls?

managing principal of CIM & RFID solutions practice, HP

With over 600 participants attending last month's RFID conference, organized by GS1 Hong Kong (formerly known as the HKANA) and EPCglobal Hong Kong, these tiny ID chips seem to have hit the radar of many local IT managers. While enterprises are studying the technical viability and ROI potential of RFID, experts at the conference noted the IT environment needs to prepare and evaluate proactively to ensure successful implementations.

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