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It’s time for law enforcement to take DNS seriously

As cyber attacks become more common, it is important that our law enforcement protects their online services. A properly configured and redundant DNS is a solid first step to a more secure Canadian Internet.

RCMP: Interpol

International co-ordination is key to fighting cyber crime, says one officer. "This isn't a Canadian-only fight"

Ontario homicide cops tout document management

E-disclosure has joined e-discovery as one of the fastest growing trends in today

Cloud computing raises privacy and security concerns

U.S. government policy makers will soon focus on the privacy, security and other implications of cloud computing, some experts say.

RCMP charge Canadians for selling fake Cisco gear

Network IT in Markham, Ont. is busted for allegedly selling $2 million in counterfeit networking equipment. Experts explain how the line between grey market and black market is blurring

Canadian police plan global CyberPol centre

A new initiative by the Canadian Association of Police Boards to establish a global centre for cyber-crime in Canada got a boost this week from Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day. The CyberPol Global Centre for Securing Cyberspace is envisioned to become a centralized collaboration centre for Canadian and international law enforcement agencies.

Law enforcers plan Canadian cyber-crime centre

A police association begins work on a feasability study that will bring together the RCMP and municipal forces, among others. An official goes over the possible scope of the project

MySpace agrees to give up sex offender data

After days of tussling with several U.S. attorneys general, MySpace has agreed to provide AG offices in all states with information it has gathered on convicted sex offenders who have used its social networking site, the most popular of its kind.

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