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Canadian robotics firm in Costa Concordia salvage

A robotics firm based in Waterloo, Ont. is helping a multi-national salvage team haul away the 115,000 cruise ship Costa Concordia which ran aground...

REVIEW: Samsung ML-2525W

While pricing for wireless and laser printing is on the decline, there aren

Gear of the gaming aficionados

That gamers demand more out of their PCs goes without saying. But input devices like keyboards and mice are to PC gamers what Air Jordans are to hoopsters. To that end, the input device industry markets high-end gaming devices.

Sanyo to mass produce blue lasers from April 2003

Sanyo Electric Corp. plans to start mass production of blue lasers for data replay devices such as DVD players, in April 2003, the company said Friday.

Team makes optical data storage breakthrough

Sharp Corp., TDK Corp. and a Japanese government agency have developed a low-cost technology that, researchers say, allows a 12-centimeter optical disk to hold 25 times more data than a 4.7G-byte DVD disk.

Sticky storage gets tested

German and American scientists are working to develop a new information storage technology using ordinary commercial adhesive tape as a medium. Private European Media Laboratory GmbH (EML) and Stanford University have signed a three-year cooperation contract, the EML announced in a statement last month. A chief goal will be to work together on the storage development and EML expects the project to take about five years to develop.

Internet printing a black and white issue

NEC Technologies Inc. has introduced a new line of laser monochrome printers equipped with the ability to print through the Internet, a feature the company first released in its colour SuperScript 870 and SuperScript 1800 laser printers.

Lexmark intros networked printers

Businesses of every size were the targets of a series of recent announcements made by Lexmark Canada Inc., which introduced four new printers in its Optra family of products last month, as well as an addition to its OptraImage series.

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