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The right path to 5G: upgrading your business

There has been a lot of talk and hype around 5G in Canada, and much of it is focused on what it means for consumers. However, it’s actually businesses that have the most to gain from the era of 5G connectivity. 

Separating the modem and router is the best way to get stable Wi-Fi, experts say

Experts agree that you should hook up an external router to the one that your ISP gave you.

TP-Link releases Omada OC200 cloud-managed network controller

TP-Link Omada OC200 offer cloud-enabled network management.

9 technologies to supercharge your Internet of Things deployment

Before you charge down the path of deploying IoT at the enterprise scale, make sure you've put some of these optimizing technologies in place to harness the value.

SDN market to hit US$3.1B by 2017

Large enterprise and cloud service providers will lead the way in wide scale SDN deployments in data centres, according to market research firm Infonetics Research.

New Wi-Fi capability poses problems for IT managers

Wi-Fi Direct will give users the ability to transfer files straight from one device to another. But one industry analyst warns this could open up a 'Pandora's Box' of problems rn

Cisco unveils LAN switch for IP telephony

Cisco Systems Inc. rolled out a LAN switch for mid-sized companies in May that is designed to be deployed in IP telephony networks.

3Com Users Migrate to Extreme — Or Do They?

The recent decision made by 3Com Corp. to discontinue its large LAN/WAN switch line means that many customers have to find an alternative.

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