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Hashtag Trending April 5, 2022 – Elon Musk now Twitter’s largest shareholder; new EU law to bring back replaceable batteries; Windows 11 adoptions slows

Files from Tom Li Elon Musk is now the largest Twitter shareholder after his latest stock purchase, a new EU policy brings replaceable batteries back...

Hashtag Trending: Youtube viewers watching for longer; companies microchipping staff; Twitter considers edit feature

People are preferring to watch longer videos on Youtube, some firms in the U.K. are microchipping their employees, and Twitter is considering the idea of an edit function.

Hashtag Trending – Users deleting Facebook app; Twitter and Facebook testify before U.S. congress; 2,000 Slack groups

One quarter of Facebook users are deleting the app, Twitter and Facebook testify in front of U.S. congress and, a full list of over...

Hashtag Trending – Netflix testing out ads; Tesla hasn’t secured funding; is Twitter actually biased?

Will your next Netflix binge be interrupted by ads, has Tesla secured funding to go private, and a GOP leader makes a misstep on...

Hashtag Trending – Tech execs react to DACA repeal, Google hiring in China

Tech executives speak out against Donald Trump’s move to end DACA, Google is hiring AI talent in China, and Lenovo fesses up to spyware.

Jack Dorsey: Twitter CEO, Square CEO . . . and possible CIO role model?

IT leadership can be a roller-coaster ride, but there are few careers that have endured the ups and downs of Silicon Valley's latest comeback kid

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