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Biden Partners ISPs To Reduce Internet Bills For Low-income Americans

President Joe Biden on Monday confirmed a pact with 20 Internet providers to provide higher Internet speeds to low-income American families at reduced prices. The new development is part of the Affordable Connectivity Program, part of an infrastructure bill passed by Congress that the White House says will help American families reduce their internet by […]

U.S. ISPs Ordered To Block Three Pirate Streaming Services

A federal judge has ordered ISPs in the U.S. to block three pirate streaming services including,, and The orders also contain permanent injunctions against the defendants themselves and other types of companies that provided services to the defendants or could do so in the future. The orders were issued after the three […]

Canadian government to offer affordable high-speed Internet to low-income families

The government of Canada is launching Connecting Families 2.0 to offer faster speeds and increased data usage for low-income families and seniors

Canadian ISPs could be breaching privacy laws: Report

Many of the privacy policies of Canadian ISPs rely heavily on implied consent

Bell tells CRTC to slow down on telecom regulations

Large telcos likely to cut investments if regulations threaten profits, the CRTC is told

CRTC to examine small ISPs’ access to incumbents’ networks

Small ISPs call for cheaper access to high-speed networks

Experts favour customer incentives for traffic management

ISPs look at ways to incent subscribers to move demand to off-peak hours

Government looking for ISPs to provide rural high-speed Internet

Government aims to extend high-speed Internet service to 280,000 households in rural areas

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