Articles Related to intrusions

Open-source lamp stacks fly with IBM Power8

Power systems has a proven legacy of providing reliable infrastructures to run demanding applications. The superior security of the Power8 server results in a...

Extortionists have hacked power plants: CIA

An intelligence analyst with one of the United States' biggest law enforcement agencies discloses recently declassified attacks at a security professionals' conference

Rootkits, malware and personal responsibility

The issue of rootkits has been all over the news lately. What triggered this was the court-ordered settlement handed down that requires Sony BMG Music Entertainment to compensate consumers who purchased Sony audio CDs that installed a rootkit when they were played on a PC. The compensation amounts to US$7.50 and a free album download from Sony

Getting more bang for your (cybersecurity) buck

Step 1: Specify organizational cybersecurity objectives

One answer to IT madness

My last article discussed the possibility of an IT 9/11 and indicated that Alan Turing had left us a solution. A future article on

Report: Symantec may buy Veritas for $13 billion

Negotiations are almost complete, and the companies could announce a deal this week, according to the report.

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