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World Cup boasts biggest communications network

The World Cup soccer tournament taking place in Germany is not only the planet's largest sporting event; during the four weeks of play through July 9, it's also home to what many experts say is the world's biggest communications network built for a single event.

CERN to offer secure grid

CERN, the Geneva-based nuclear physics research center, has launched a collaborative effort with some of the biggest names in IT to tighten up security on its landmark Large Hadron Collider (LHC) project, as well as working on platform virtualization and the interoperability of grid software.

Australian government to review Privacy Act

The Federal Government Wednesday announced a major review of the Privacy Act. The review, which will be undertaken by the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) will examine changes in technology since the laws were first introduced. n

Hacker found guilty in massive data theft case

A Florida man was found guilty of stealing data from customer information management company Acxiom Corp. Friday. The prosecution estimates that Scott Levine and his defunct bulk e-mail marketing firm Inc. stole more than 1.6 billion customer records by hacking into an Acxiom server.

Tools cover security gauntlet

An accidentally typed URL prompted an Alberta school board to take steps toward increased security flexibility as well as reduced infrastructure complexity, according to Matt Norton, director of technology with Lethbridge School District No. 51 in Lethbridge, Alta. He said that though the board had defensive technology on its networks (minus content filtering), the inappropriate Web site

Yes, staff is network security’s biggest threat

Today, insiders represent the single biggest security threat for the simple reason that we haven't addressed the problem. That's because IT designed to prevent intrusion from the outside cannot handle the task of keeping confidential data inside the organization. Yet according to Gartner Inc., 84 per cent of high-cost security incidents occur when insiders send confidential data outside the company.

Tasman debuts integrated router

While Cisco Systems Inc. and Juniper Networks Inc. gear up for a fight over integrated WAN routers, Tasman Networks Inc. is looking to jump into the fray with new boxes that combine access with security and other services.

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