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Social networking lands on compliance ‘to do’ list

Wikis, blogs and other tools create a lot more content, all of which has to adhere to the same regulations as other forms of enterprise data. Deloitte and others offer tips to get it under control

Google improves corporate network searching

Google Inc. announced an upgrade to its corporate search technology Monday, and a new product for high-priority searches in large corporate databases.

Microsoft unveils package for corporate intranets

Looking to offer customers a short cut to return on investment for portal deployments, Microsoft Corp. on Tuesday rolled out its Microsoft Solution for Intranets, which ties together existing portal, collaboration, and streaming media technologies into an integrated offering for departmental workspaces.

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CacheFlow aims to reduce WAN costs

CacheFlow Inc. last month rolled out cache devices aimed at reducing response times of and cutting corporate bandwidth costs for accessing content and Web-based applications over the WAN.

Intranets: from the Wild West to Portals

In the old days, corporate intranets were decentralized, Wild-West places where the sheriff had little control over...

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