Articles Related to Internet Telephony

Broadband woes hinder VoIP deployment in South Africa

While VoIP is going to introduce competition into the South African market and thereby drive down the cost of telephony, the lack of broadband adoption due to the high cost of bandwidth is still the key factor in utilizing VoIP technology.

Digital Africa Summit spotlights VoIP

African countries stand to gain a great deal if they accept voice over IP (VoIP), attendees and speakers at the Digital Africa Summit here said Wednesday.

Looking forward by looking backward

What will you think were the big Internet-related stories of 2003 looking back at it a year from now? I'm not sure they will be much different, other than in degree, than the major stories of 2002.

VoIP turns out to be a ‘brainer’

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has long been touted by vendors who hail converged networks that run both voice and data traffic. But are the purported benefits -- cheaper long distance calls, simpler network management and new applications -- easily achievable?

The call of the Internet: opinion

When Internet telephony first broke into public view in early 1995, it looked like a classic disruptive technology an invention that would leave the mighty sprawled in the dust while exalting the small and fleet. The story was especially dramatic because some true Goliaths the traditional telecom carriers occupied ground zero.

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