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The pros and cons of hosted PBX

Canadian firms like ZIP Telecom and Enhanced VoIP offer telecom services over the Internet. Analysts from Infonetics and Fox Group offer advice to prospective customers

Broadband stimulus: throwing money at wrong target?

The OECD ranks the U.S. as 15th in broadband adoption, but Pew Research surveys paint a different picture. Why the current stimulus bill won

Bashing Google: For fun or for profit?

A study on the cost of using Google misses one major point, according to a Harvard U

France declares war on movie, music pirates

The French government endorses a slew of new measures to control unlawful distribution of content, including cutting off Internet access for pirates

Toronto Hydro Telecom to counter DOS attacks

The firm's managed firewall service is available in four basic configurations or as custom packaged. An IDC analyst talks about how it may cut down the workload for IT staff

Delhi, India to set up ‘comprehensive’ e-procurement system

Encouraged by the success of its e-Tendering system, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi plans to now work towards a comprehensive e-Procurement system.

CES : $100 laptop group shows off recharger

The group behind the US$100 laptop computer aimed at schoolchildren in developing countries has developed a novel battery recharger for the machine that looks a lot like a yo-yo.

Free Web tool helps gauge companies’ VoIP ability

Brix Networks Inc. on Tuesday turned on a Web site where users can test whether their Internet connection is likely to support good-quality voice over IP.

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