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Cellcrypt updates mobile encryption app

The company rolled out a newly revamped app that gives travelling executives the ability to securely access their office PBX systems. Find out what the product does and which companies will be interested

Botnet ringleader gets four years in prison for stealing data

John Schiefer, who pled guilty to illegal interception of data in Los Angeles, was sentenced last week in Los Angeles. He used home and work computers to help crooks steal PayPal and banking passwords

Vendors collaborate to beef up IP wiretapping tool

Two software vendors have made their IP wiretapping tools for carriers and law-enforcement agencies work together.

VoIP service the next big target for hackers?

Internet telephone service's appeal as a cutting-edge technology for cutting phone costs is convincing more and more people to ditch their landlines and go hi-tech with Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP companies like Vonage are growing rapidly, with their promise of nifty new features and lower monthly phone bills. Vonage, one of many Internet telephone service providers, says that about 1500 people sign up for its service alone per month. But some computer security experts say that, just as with wireless networking, VoIP's rapid-fire adoption will be closely followed by revelations of security vulnerabilities and electronic attacks.

Intercept laws may force data capture downstream

Australia's Internet service and carriage providers are staring down the barrel of stiff legislative requirements to provide law enforcement, intelligence agencies and other authorized bodies with the capability to intercept IP traffic for lawful purposes, delegates at the Hack 2003 IT security conference have been told.

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