Articles Related to information protection

McAfee releases biometric device protection service

McAfee's LiveSafe service uses facial and voice recognition authentication to retrieve a user

Interface weakness opens servers to attacks

Network-based attack vector on major vendor rackmount servers allows attackers to bypass primary operating system defenses

Metadata more revealing than content: Ontario privacy chief

Ontario Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian calls for better safeguards and oversight on government online surveillance programs

HP uses big data to detect persistent threats

Enhancements to HP's ArcSight portfolio use big data analytics to help security administrators rapidly detect persistent threats

How secure is SSL?

Organizations have been relying on secure socket layer to protect passwords, credit card details and personal information. But if the U.S. is collecting encrypted information, does it need strengthening?

Many SSL connections lack added protection?

Perfect forward secrecy is able to protect Web site data even if the secure socket layer encryption is compromised. However,only a small percentage of browsers support PFS, according to security research firm Netcraft

Time to beef up federal privacy law, says Stoddart

Privacy commissioner says organizations are displacing privacy rights, wants power to levy fines and to require organizations to report loss of personal information

McAfee offers biometric security for cloud storage

McAfee's LiveSafe provides users with 1 GB of online storage that can be accessed via voice or facial recognition or with the use of a PIN code

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