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IBM aims to ease pain of data-intensive tasks

IBM recently launched its data integration technology, formerly code-named

IBM releases Hawk and Serrano to beta

Less than two months after closing its acquisition of Ascential Software Corp., IBM Corp. is releasing to beta testing two data integration technologies, Ascential's software codenamed Hawk and IBM's Project Serrano. Serrano is a refresh of IBM's Information Integration portfolio, which includes tools to help customers centrally tap into corporate data from various sources.

IBM’s “Ascential” addition to information integration

IBM is portraying it's US$1.1 billion acquisition of data management solution vendor Ascential Software Corp. as a big win for Big Blue customers who will now spend less time, effort and money integrating data and applications. But IBM competitors in this space are also keeping busy: Microsoft publicizing its own integration venture Project Green, Oracle kicking off Project Fusion, and SAP arguing you need to integrate the applications, not the database. So what options do customers have? Rebecca Reid investigates.

AIIM: Perna: Content management is at turning point

The technology industry is at a significant turning point in moving from data management to the broader content management and information integration, said Janet Perna, IBM Corp.'s general manager of data management solutions.

Database vendors keep the XML faith

Database archenemies IBM and Oracle are at it again, and the battle over how to store and manage Extensible Markup Language data rages on.

Enterprise information integration: Virtual MetaData

Enterprise Information Integration, seamless integration of disparate data sources on and enterprise scale, provides the strategic advantage organizations require.

IBM spills beans on Xperanto

XML (Extensible Markup Language) has been causing quite a splash in the database world, particularly in the last few weeks, and IBM Corp. is the latest vendor to detail plans for the standard.

IBM spills beans on Xperanto database initiative

In its research labs, IBM is working on a project, code-named Xperanto, which will be a native XML database that acts as a subset of DB2, the company announced.

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