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Security priorities for 2024: Skills development, AI and more, says report

Info-Tech Research Group's annual Security Priorities report offers five issues organizations should focus on

Info-Tech session for IT execs goes ‘behind the hype’ of ChatGPT

Now that OpenAI’s ChatGPT is in the public domain, the big discussion point being pondered revolves around what impact it will have on society...

HP unveils new services for client virtualization

Hewlett-Packard is offering a new set of services to bring the client environment into the data centre in recognition of the characteristics of today

Canada lags Asia and Europe in green IT adoption

A study from Info-Tech Research Group says North American firms aren't so sticky about their carbon footprints or RFPs that demand energy efficiency. Is our infrastructure to blame?

Microsoft uses green tactics to push Vista

The company commissions a study with a Canadian research firm that compares the energy efficiency of its Vista OS with its predecessor, Windows XP. Why Mac OS and Linux were left out

Virtualization reality setting in

The virtualization phenomenon is getting too real for hardware server builders, as one Canadian research firm predicts server sales will fall by the end of next year.

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