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Cyber Security Today, Sept. 25, 2023 – Hackers from India say they are targeting Canadian web sites

This episode reports on a retaliation threat against Canadian websites, the impact of the Dallas ransomware attack, and more

Canada cyber centre issues caution after group from India issues threat

'Indian Cyber Force' issues threat after Canada says it has evidence of possible ties to India in the killing of a Sikh activist

Kobo: 10 years of Canadian innovation

By late summer 2011, Kobo had an e-reader and 5 million users worldwide, but was burning through cash at an alarming rate, and Indigo was suffering from its own financial woes. That's when Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten stepped in.

How should a Smart City be created? Why India is setting a template for others to follow

India's ambitious Smart Cities Mission initiative sees IT as a catalyst to improve processes, reduce costs, and boost the quality of citizen life

Controversial biometric project in India may go ahead

Government signals backing for ID number program needing 10 fingerprints, iris scan

Gearing IT for the rains

While North American CIOs worry about spikes in compute workloads and the occasional hacker, their counterparts in India grapple with a more ominous problem: monsoon season

Group wants to know if India intercepted its emails

U.S. commission looking into claims that RIM, Nokia and Apple fell to pressure and gave India backdoor keys for intercepting email

India’s low-cost tablet is made by Canada’s DataWind

The Indian government is expected to buy 8 million to 10 million units of the device by March 31, 2012. The country had earlier talked about an Indian designed device as a symbol of national pride

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