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Robert Watson steps down as ITAC President and CEO

Robert Watson is making a somewhat early departure from his role as ITAC President and CEO.

Canada’s fastest growing tech startup saw revenue grow 96,000%

This year's top 15 growth companies on the Branham300 list is topped by a FinTech startup with an international outlook.

How Canada can return to its ICT glory years

Across the board, speakers at Monday

Queensland to invest A$14M in ICT

The Government of Queensland in Australia will pump-prime the state's ICT sector to the tune of A$18.5 million (US$14.1 million) over the next four years in an effort to bolster the local technology industry and boost exports.

Government rules out curbs for offshoring

Six months after Treasurer Peter Costello publicly reprimanded Telstra Corp. Ltd. for sending 400 IT jobs to India, Minister for Communications, IT and the Arts Daryl Williams has flatly ruled out the introduction of any curbs on IT offshoring.

Australian labor movement backs US offshoring plan

Australian unions and the opposition Labor party have signalled their support for U.S.-style legislation that penalizes companies that engage in offshore outsourcing.

Electioneering in IT: The New South Wales election

The upcoming New South Wales election on March 22 has prompted both the incumbent Labor Government and the opposition to indulge in yet another round of promises to boost the information and communications technology (ICT) industry.

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