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Australian government to start smartcard rollout

Department CIO says the latest generation of smartcards offers improved security for PC and building access

Recycling program takes aim at printer cartridges

HP, Lexmark and other vendors collaborate on a national program in Australia that has already diverted an estimated 5.5 million pieces of potential e-waste from simply taking up space

EDS cuts carbon emissions from printing operations

The global outsourcing giant launches a set of service offerings designed to support customers seeking to improve their impact on the environment. Check out the cost savings

Crocodile hunter’s death sees Web site traffic surge

News that Australia's own crocodile hunter Steve Irwin has died had Web site traffic in overdrive Monday with many news sites operating on low bandwidth mode due to high traffic.

IT strategy is People First

The Minister for Commerce for the Australian state of New South Wales (NSW), John Della Bosca, will launch the state government's information and communication technology (ICT) strategic plan in Sydney this week.

Australia reviews e-commerce guidelines

The Australian federal government's consumer affairs advisory council is developing best practice guidelines for online shopping and e-commerce sites. Parliamentary secretary to the treasurer Chris Pearce said the council would identify emerging issues in e-commerce.

Australia’s Optus launches iBurst mobile broadband

Optus has formed a partnership with wireless Internet group Personal Broadband Australia to provide mobile broadband services to corporate customers. The telco is also in discussions with Unwired Australia. The deal with Personal Broadband Australia allows Optus to provide wireless broadband services to 70 per cent of Australian businesses using iBurst.

Queensland to invest A$14M in ICT

The Government of Queensland in Australia will pump-prime the state's ICT sector to the tune of A$18.5 million (US$14.1 million) over the next four years in an effort to bolster the local technology industry and boost exports.

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