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NetApp to release its version of enterprise-scale HCI in October

LAS VEGAS - NetApp is going all in on hyper converged infrastructure (HCI). During its NetApp Insight conference, the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based storage and data management...

Nutanix goes it alone with Cisco certification

Nutanix scored a double coup this week, hitting the top of Forrester's hyperconvergence charts and independently certifying its software on Cisco's equipment

Considerations for the next phase of hyperconverged infrastructure

Hyperconvergence has been receiving a tremendous amount of attention because it represents the next step in the evolution of IT resource delivery. This technology...

Enterprise Applications on Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Most enterprises run a diverse set of business applications. Because each enterprise application has unique requirements for performance, availability, scalability, and management, the IT...

Why over 40% of IT departments are a DevOps nightmare

So you want to do DevOps? But how long does it take you to stand up a server for the dev team today?

Stratoscale expands hyperconvergence market

Stratoscale is the latest player to launch a hyperconvergence software solution in an increasingly crowded market.

Nutanix adds Lenovo to approved OEM vendors list

Nutanix has signed a deal with Lenovo to install its software on Lenovo servers. It complements a similar deal with Dell last year, and helps to push the hyperconvergence company further into enterprise accounts.

The pros and cons of hyperconvergence in enterprise IT

The integration of compute, storage, and network components tightly in one box has benefits, but CIOs need to avoid vendor lock-in and flexibility issues

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