Articles Related to Huawei 5G

Huawei to focus on smart devices in Canada, forgoes phones for 2022

What product is Huawei looking to push in Canada?

Telus ditches Huawei for Nokia and Ericsson for its 5G network

Telus today announced that it has selected Nokia and Ericsson to build its 5G network, retracting its original plan to include Huawei.

Huawei steps up to help Canada deal with mask shortages

Chinese telecommunications company Huawei is helping Canada cope with the COVID-19 pandemic by flying millions of masks to the country as hospitals struggle with...

Bell chooses Nokia as ‘first’ 5G network supplier, awaits Huawei decision

Carrier says it will deliver 5G service in Canadian urban centres as soon as handsets are available later this year

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