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Wi-Fi marketer changes Canadian leader

The new head of Vex Canada says a more flexible business model will allow the company to sign up more hotspots than it has in the past 18 months

Starbucks to pour unlimited free Wi-Fi here

The upscale coffee shop wants to broaden its in-store Internet access from two hours to unlimited. Free Wi-Fi is not widespread here, and a telecommunications consultant doubts the move will spark a change

Wi-Fi marketing firm struggles to meet Canadian goal

Six months ago the head of Vex Canada vowed to have 5,000 hospitality hotspots across the country. However, it's going slower than expected

802.11g standard approved

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. (IEEE), the group responsible for setting standards in the networking industry, on Thursday approved the final specification for 802.11g, known to Mac users as AirPort Extreme. Despite recent controversy that the final spec would see a major speed reduction, very little has changed from January when Apple Computer Inc. released its first 802.11g product.

IBN plans 3,000 Wi-Fi hotspots in U.K. pubs this year

Inspired Broadcast Networks (IBN), a joint venture between wireless service provider Inspired Technology Ltd. and game machine supplier Leisure Link Holdings Ltd., announced on Thursday plans to build a nationwide high-speed wireless Internet network connecting 3,000 U.K. pubs by the end of 2003.

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