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Alleged Kelihos botnet creator named by Microsoft

Microsoft says the man lives in St. Petersburg and used for work for a computer security software company

Microsoft blames server problem for Hotmail outage

The e-mail outage, which affected more than 17,000 Hotmail users, appears to be mostly resolved. The trouble began on Dec. 30 when the e-mail in 17,355 accounts disappeared

Mixed reactions to new Hotmail


Microsoft counters Gmail with Hotmail overhaul

Online Office 2010 document editing, mobile browsing highlight Microsoft's Hotmail updates. The company's refresh is aimed at overhauling the e-mail service for business and home users

Yahoo, Gmail, AOL users also victims of giant fake shopping scam

A massive phishing attack, which originally hit Hotmail, has also affected Gmail, Yahoo and AOL users...

InstaColl announces online office software

Live Documents is software as a service which lets users create, edit and collaborate on files, and is compatible with both Microsoft Office and

Microsoft delivers biggest ever Hotmail upgrade

Microsoft Corp. has begun a months-long process of migrating users to this major upgrade of its Hotmail Web mail service. Windows Live Hotmail, dubbed as the biggest Hotmail upgrade since the Web mail service's debut in 1996, has been tested by about 20 million users since Microsoft first allowed people outside the company to try it out in mid-2005

Orange serves up MSN services in Europe

Microsoft Corp.'s MSN network has teamed with Orange SA to deliver MSN Hotmail and MSN Messenger services to Orange's mobile phone customers across Europe.

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