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Enterprise splitting: lessons from Toshiba and others

Stock market analysts believe splits are occurring due to market pressure, and that it indicates a trend away from monopolization. However, these spin-off companies will need to pay special attention to their business models if they wish to succeed in their new form.

President to President with Mike Hilton, president, HPE

In this episode of President to President, we meet a very positive Mike Hilton, HPE’s new President, taking the top job during a worldwide...

HPE links behavior analytics product to network access management

The former Niara suite now called IntroSpect integrates with ClearPass to create what HPE calls closed loop network defence

Increased automation helps organizations succeed: new DevOps report

The highest performing organizations will have already automated the majority of their business, according to the results of a new report by US-based automation software provider Puppet.

Toronto hospitals become first in Canada to adopt mobile-first infrastructure

As demand for connectivity expands across all industries, two Toronto hospitals have made infrastructure changes in preparation for future technologies and the rising number of mobile devices.

Hunt teams no substitute for real-time threat analysis, says report

Latest study of SOCs by Hewlett-Packard Enterprise shows hunt teams, fusion centres growing

DevOps and security need to become better friends

Organizations embracing the DevOps culture believe it can improve application security, but staff are not yet spending enough time together

Do hybrid cloud services deliver real value to Canadian businesses?

The opportunities of hybrid cloud services have been heralded by global computing leaders for several years now. CIOs and IT leaders across Canada are...

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