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Security industry has learned nothing from patching lapses: Report

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise's annual cyber risk report shows failure to patch is a big hole in enterprise environments

HP’s cloud-based DNS traffic analysis to spot early signs of malware

New service will analyze customer DNS traffic for suspicious signs. Also, more kick for HP Fortify

HP Converged Infrastructure Business Value Calculator

Over time, Enterprise technology has evolved from a mainframe environment (Platform 1) to a client-server environment (Platform 2) through to a third platform. Platform...

HP brings 3D to your desktop

Las Vegas -- With its Blended Reality vision, Hewlett-Packard Co. is looking to break down the barriers between the physical world and the digital...

IT security weak because enterprises aren’t learning: HP

Organizations have to be more diligent in patching, and configuring servers

HP: Big data will help CIOs run a tight ship

Big data could help to tighten up internal IT operations before it revolutionises the broader business, say HP experts

HP puts muscle into HP-UX

No downtime for VM migration, faster reboot are new capabilities throws support behind OpenStack

Cloud customer relationship management vendor has thrown its support behind open source cloud platform OpenStack, the Wall Street Journal reports – though the...

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