Articles Related to Healthcare data

Get rid of unencrypted email, fax in health sector, urge Canadian privacy regulators

Privacy czars call on governments, hospitals and medical proividers to create a modern and secure digital infrastructure

Cloud and the future of healthcare

With an urgent need to provide virtual care and track hospital resources, health care providers are now increasingly relying on cloud-based workflows and applications.

Ontario medical laboratory adopts Verified.Me network

SecureKey Technologies announced Dec. 12 that medical laboratory services company Dynacare has become a part of its blockchain-based digital identity network, Verified.Me. 

Why letting Alexa spy on everything you say could be good for your health

Privacy advocates worry about the pitfalls of smart speakers spying on us when we don't intend it, but what if having an always-listening, always-connected...

Modernizing healthcare technology for today’s needs and tomorrow’s possibilities

Healthcare organizations are now grappling with the growing mandate for change by trying to leverage the data that can address affordability, accessibility and quality...

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