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The Business Leadereship Podcast: Heather Shantora, CEO at InnoCare

As the CEO of PT Healthcare and InnoCare, Heather oversees a $50+ million national healthcare company and under her leadership, both organizations have solidified their position as Canadian healthcare leaders focused on the development of innovative healthcare technology and patient-centered care.

These iPhones could save your life

Apple's popular smart phone is being used by Foothills Regional Emergency Services in Alberta to access electronic patient histories. Next up: bi-directional capabilities

EMR systems offer advantages to physicians and patients

OntarioMD certifies Nightingale's On Demand electronic medical system. Physicians can apply for funding.

Nightingale EMR system certified by OntarioMD

Hosted systems offer advantages to physicians, who work alone or in small groups. Also: how to combat the "chart mentality"

Alberta health care cases highlight future privacy issues

Should people be able to hide abortions, AIDS, mental illness and other such touchy matters in their medical histories? The question is moot in a paper-based health care system: the hodge-podge of information out there about an individual is difficult to track and find, since complete medical records don't exist. But this won't be true much longer.

Opinion: RFID technology in health care – it’s not the end of privacy, it’s the beginning

Health-care providers around the world are undergoing a digital transformation, harnessing information communication technologies such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and applying it in innovative ways to increase operational efficiencies, improve services and save lives.

Health networks boost digital imaging

When Dianne Beattie talks about the digital imaging hospital information network she oversees, her focus isn't on the IT equipment but on the improvement in health care delivery. Beattie is the CIO for St. Joseph's Health Care and the London Health Sciences Centre, two teaching hospitals that play key roles in the functioning of the Southwest Ontario Digital Imaging Network Project. She discusses how digital imaging and collaboration are changing the face of Ontario's health care system.

Insurance provider urges smart, strategic SOA adoption

As more companies apply a service-oriented architecture approach to their IT systems, one user that became serious about its SOA deployment last year suggests its peers keep open minds about the new concept's possibilities.

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