Articles Related to Hadoop

Mirai botnet exploiting Hadoop vulnerability on Linux servers: Report

In addition to targeting IoT devices, a variant of Mirai is now hunting for Linux servers running Hadoop. Read what you can do about it

Developing a data integration and lifecycle management strategy for a hybrid environment

Download this white paper to learn at the nature of these challenges, and how to overcome them to enable people to make the critical...

Ransomware attacks on insecure Hadoop systems may be next, say security researchers

Judging by patterns in recent MongoDB and Elasticsearch attacks Hadoop could be the next target, reason researchers. Read what to do

Top tips for securing big data environments

Protecting data security is a detailed, continuous responsibility which should be part of every best practice. Organizations that know their data is secure are more...

Hadoop for the Enterprise: Making Data Management Massively Scalable, Agile, Feature-Rich, and Cost Effective

Many business drivers—from the need to scale big data and traditional enterprise data, the need for more economical data platforms, a demand for longer...

ManageEngine adds big data monitoring to Applications Manager solution

IT management firm says solution update ensures high availability and performance for Hadoop, Oracle Coherence-Powered apps

Infobright speeds up data queries with better math

Rather than worrying about getting an exact answer to every query, the InfoBright Approximate Query looks to get close enough until it’s necessary to be correct

Here’s why container adoption is on the rise

Over a third of enterprises are now using containers in production. Learn how they could help to shorten software development cycles and quickly produce cloud-native applications

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