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Foreign talent more interested in Canadian IT jobs, Indeed reports

Canadian tech jobs posted on hiring platform are receiving more interest from abroad, according to an economist employed by the website. Foreign clicks on...

Global Skills Hub wants to make Canada’s tech talent great again with immigrants fleeing U.S.

Global Skills Hub is a new recruitment firm that's seizing on the opportunity of alienated H-1B visa holders from the U.S. looking north for their next job.

Trump’s move on H-1B visas won’t hinder Canadian applicants

Trump's promised reforms to the H-1B visas are at hand. But it looks like it won't stop talented Canadians who want to head south from doing so.

U.S. IT employment dips, H-1B visa demand sluggish

Critics of the H-1B visa see it primarily as a tool to outsource IT jobs overseas and to displace U.S. workers with younger and lower paid visa workers

Indian body responds to latest visa fraud allegations

India's chief outsourcing association has admitted there may be instances of U.S. visa abuse by Indian companies, but said the problems are confined to "small, fly-by-night operators."

H-1B visa cap could be reached within a week

U.S. immigration officials may be just a week away from getting enough applications to fill the H-1B visa cap this year, shutting down a pipeline for companies that hire foreign high-tech workers.

Judge orders H-1B recruiter to pay legal fees

A company that recruits workers to the U.S. under the H-1B visa program has been ordered to pay the legal fees of an employee it recruited from India who sued the company when it tried to make him pay tens of thousands of dollars in fees and expenses for breaking his employment contract.

U.S. Labour Department unveils revised H-1B regulations

The U.S. Department of Labor last week offered expanded regulations that apply to the employment of skilled temporary foreign workers, or H-1B visa holders.

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