Articles Related to H-1B

How the ‘tech worker visa’ is remaking IT

Twenty years after U.S. Congress created the H1B visa, ComputerWorld looks at its effect on the industry

Five reasons legislation to limit outsourcing is bad

With U.S. Congress focusing on mid-term election campaigns, outsourcing is a hot topic. Outsourcers can adapt to laws looking to cut H-1B use; trade and exports are key economic issues for state, federal leaders

IT staffing firms lose H-1B lawsuit

Three small firms that rely on H-1B visa holders for most of their employees sought a preliminary injunction to stop the U.S. citizenship department from enforcing it. With defeat, however, may come some clarification

U.S. pols want to make it easier for grad students to work in America

No legislation has been drafted yet, but some Democrats want to U.S. government to offer permanent residency in the U.S. to any graduate student in science, technology, engineering or math who has a job offer.

U.S. IT employment dips, H-1B visa demand sluggish

Critics of the H-1B visa see it primarily as a tool to outsource IT jobs overseas and to displace U.S. workers with younger and lower paid visa workers

Castro equates H-1B program with high-tech labour piracy

Fidel Castro, Cuba's ailing leader, this week warned in a written commentary that the migration of skilled IT workers and other professionals to the U.S. and other nations will hurt developing economies in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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