Articles Related to GSM

Kraken GSM-cracking software is released

The A5/1 Security Project has finished developing software that could be used to listen in on cellular phone conversations over the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) networks. The project leader plans to discuss this at the Black Hat security conference

Plenty of wannabes, but no iPhone killer in 2010

ABI Research says copycats are doing themselves more damage by mimicking Apple

Hacker demos GSM cell phone call eavesdropping

At a conference in Germany, Karsten Nohl said he compiled tables that can be used to determine the keys used to secure wireless calls made over Global System for Mobile Communications networks.

Nortel now ‘finished’ with GSM sale: Forrester

Ericsson and Kapsch AG have agreed to buy GSM wireless assets from financially-troubled Nortel. Most of the 350 employees Ericsson wants to hire would be based in the U.S. Nortel has arranged to sell its carrier wireless, enterprise, optical networking and metropolitan Ethernet units.rn

Ciena wins auction for Nortel units

If approved by courts and regulators, Ciena will offer jobs to about 1,400 Canadian Nortel employees. Infonetics analyst Andrew Schmitt predicts this will provide relief to Nortel employees concerned about their future

Nokia sues Apple over iPhone ‘free ride’

With its iPhone, Apple has been trying to 'get a free ride' by not licensing 10 patents, says Nokia

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