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Hashtag Trending – EU approves Apple/Shazam deal; alleged Sony hacker charged; Did IBM spy on New Yorkers?

The European Union has approved Apple’s bid to buy music identification service Shazam. An alleged participant in the 2014 Sony hack has been charged by the U.S. Department of Justice. And a report by the Intercept reveals that IBM had access to New York City surveillance footage when developing its object identification technology.

Hashtag Trending – ZTE shuffles leadership team; facial recognition technology failing test run; the cost of doing business with Amazon

ZTE shakes up its leadership team. A London, England-based test run of facial recognition technology has only a two per cent success rate. And it’s a slow news day, so we get to praise the Guardian for researching Amazon’s impact on Seattle.

Apple vs FBI: why we need a “Made in Canada” solution

It is time to consider what the court order initiated by the FBI and issued to Apple reveals about expectations of US authorities in regards to personal data privacy, and whether we need to consider a different solution for Canada.

Leaked documents reveal Canada’s cyber warfare tools

Communications Security Establishment sought to be more aggressive in 2015, according to documents

Snowden warns of weak oversight of Canadian intelligence agencies

Canadian intelligence agencies have one of the weakest oversight frameworks in the Western world, says Edward Snowden

Gemalto SIM cards secure: Initial investigation

SIM card maker says further details of its investigation will be released later this week

World’s biggest SIM card maker probes reported NSA hack

Stolen encryption keys allows hackers to potentially listen in on mobile phone voice and data communications of billions of people, according to reports

Vendor uproar over China’s demand for IT backdoor

New Chinese rules called "intrusive" and "discriminatory"

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