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Hashtag Trending – Baltimore held hostage; Google Glass comeback; Google AI bests radiologists

Hackers hold Baltimore for ransom, Google Glass is making a comeback, and Google’s AI improves accuracy of lung cancer diagnosis

Unboxing for Business: Focals by North (first look)

Check out our first look of the Focals by North smart glasses.

How GE spurred augmented reality pilots with an internal ‘Wearables Challenge’

GE is moving ahead with pilot projects using augmented reality headsets for workers that are hands on with machines, using a technology that's been recognized by the World Economic Forum.

5 sectors where enterprise wearables are starting to fit in

Artificial reality glasses, particularly Google Glass, are being rolled out for employee use in field services, automotive manufacturing and medical, among others, to improve accuracy of tasks and overall productivity

Google Glass, Apple Watch among most popular enterprise wearables: survey

A survey of business and IT decision makers of large enterprise companies show that wearables are reaching a tipping point in terms of adoption across all businesses. Early adopters include employees in manufacturing, field repair, and quality assurance operations.

Wearables won’t wait – But will CIOs bite?

Microsoft’s HoloLens looks incredible. Fitness bands offer real-world benefits. How can CIOs use them?

Spyware could trigger Google Glass camera

The wearable device may catch on, but like anything connected to the Internet it's open to an exploit

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