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Supply chain disruption: why it’s happening and how to tackle the problem

At Project Production Institute’s ninth annual symposium, Todd R. Zabelle, founder and president of Strategic Project Solutions Inc, and Hunter Newby, owner of Newby...

A remedy to retail’s supply chain woes is in the Cloud

With the boom in e-commerce and supply chain woes expected to continue for the foreseeable future, retailers are having to rethink their supply chains to make them more responsive, and resilient.

3 smart ways to adapt during IT supply shortages

Discussing how to relieve the burdens caused by ongoing global supply constraints by incorporating a few key strategies to help your organization

A futurist weighs in on techies’ tomorrows

Dr. James Canton of the Institute of Global Futures tells what IT folks should be doing to lead the future

Lenovo gets ready for big India push

Lenovo Group Ltd. is readying itself for a big push in the Indian market by creating a geographical division within the company that will focus exclusively on India, the company said Friday. The announcement is part of several steps being taken by the company to more tightly integrate its international and Chinese operations.

Think beyond compliance with RFID: experts

If your company is considering radio-frequency identification (RFID) solely because a trading partner mandates the technology, perhaps your firm should expand its mindset on the matter, according to industry watchers.

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