Articles Related to gender equality

International Women’s Day: Five tech training courses that aim to break gender inequality in Canadian tech sector

women are still largely underrepresented in the tech industry. This slideshow details education and training resources to help women advance in the IT field.

OpenText to move all its datacentres and datacentre partners to hydroelectric power by 2040

OpenText announces OpenText Zero Initiative at OpenText World 2021 - commits to zero waste, zero barriers, and zero emissions by 2040.

Taking a data-driven approach to reduce bias in employee recognition

By: Carlene McCubbin Gender equity is not only big news in media and politics, but it's also a growing topic for socially conscious workplaces. Organizational...

Hashtag Trending – Ontario’s pay transparency bill; the highest-paying tech jobs; Flow

Ontario introduces new legislation aimed at trimming the gender pay gap. A huge study of tech jobs reveals who’s getting paid the most. And a new app for project management geeks.

Why the 2018 budget ‘misses the mark’ on tech: a comprehensive analysis

From improving the country's cyber security resilience, to funding big data research in academia, and paving the way to replace the Phoenix payroll system, tech was a big issue in the federal budget.

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