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US lawmakers try to restrict usage of Social Security numbers

The possibility that U.S. lawmakers might restrict the widespread use of Social Security numbers in commerce because of consumer privacy issues is prompting concern in the financial services industry. n

Popular apps may compromise security

Big-name companies like America Online Inc. (AOL) and Adobe Systems Inc. could do a better job of writing secure software, according to a recent report by two Princeton University researchers.

Ex-employee leaked data, Honeywell says

Honeywell International Inc. says a former employee has disclosed sensitive information relating to 19,000 of the company's U.S. employees.

Harvard turns down hacking applicants

Harvard Business School said it will reject the applications of the 119 applicants who recently hacked into the school

product and solutions marketing manager, Windows Client for South Africa

Until recently, Microsoft Corp. had no real control over the software piracy issue. Hence the introduction of Microsoft

Steven Taylor: Common sense factors into VoIP security

I recently hosted a voice over IP seminar in New York. On the taxi ride from LaGuardia to midtown, my driver mentioned that he was a student taking network classes.

VoIP, common sense and security

Security is a tough issue. It's a lot safer and more convenient not to do something than to move forward if there is a security issue that can come back to haunt you. Consequently, security has recently become one of the major reasons given for delaying the implementation of VoIP, says one columnist.

Norwegian library needs help of cyber-locksmiths

Kirsti Langstoyl has a data recovery problem that might require a seance to solve. But she'll take a good IT professional with a knack for data recovery.

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