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Fluke spinoff targets app performance market

The new company, Visual Networks, is looking beyond the network layer to go after the application performance management space. An exec explains why the rebranding was necessary

Fluke announces handheld Wi-Fi tester

AirCheck, scheduled to ship before July, is designed to detect unauthorized wireless access points and can output test results through the USB port to a desktop computer. It has fewer features than the AirMagnet 802.11 wireless LAN test software but cable tester manufacturer Fluke Networks Corp. claims AirCheck will boot up in three seconds

Can you keep your copper?

There’s one rule in networking: demand for bandwidth never declines. Yet with enterprise customers hungrier for faster bandwidth, network managers have to consider a...

Test market rejigs to regain revenue

Network operators can expect test-equipment makers to reposition formerly

Fluke uses OneTouch to tackle VoIP net testing

Mississauga, Ont.-based Fluke Networks Canada recently released OneTouch Series II Version 3.0 and NetTool Pro

Enterprise Networks Briefs

Mountainview, Calif.-based Veritas Software Corp. and Hewlett-Packard Co....

Tool tries to alleviate network stress

As networks continue to house critical information, network managers and administrators will continue to look for virtually anything which will enable them to monitor their status.

Fluke-Agilent deal dies a quick death

A merger that a mere six weeks ago looked as impressive as the Titanic leaving port has met the same fate as the doomed ocean liner.

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