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U.S. government department still runs on floppies

I used to work on a publication that was run completely on Sneakernet: We’d literally run to the art department with stories on 3.5-inch...

OPINION: Mourning the floppy disk

The last manufacturer of the storage medium announces it will cease production. We bid a fond, tearful farewell

Sony to end floppy disk production

Declining demand for the storage format means Sony will end manufacturing by March 2011. Remaining customers are in the education and research sectors, the company said

New Digital Cameras by Canon; Fuji; & Sony

Digital camera vendors offer spring line

Mobile Computing Tools

When I travel on business, I try to bring along every file that relates to the customer ...

FixIt Utilities

FixIt Utilities 3.0 Puts the Fix In

External storage devices

You can take it with you

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