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Contamination incident affects ‘at least 6.5 exabytes’ of SSD memory chips

Western Digital and Kioxia announced a contamination incident at their NAND flash memory production sites in Yokkaichi and Kitakami, Japan. In a statement posted on...

SK Hynix acquires Intel NAND flash memory division for $9 billion

SK Hynix buys Intel's last NAND fab in China.

Hashtag Trending – Amazon acquires Pill Pack; German smartphone protection; SD cards to soon store 128 TB

Amazon will soon ship you drugs, a German guy invents an airbag for your smartphone, and SD memory cards will soon be able to store 64 times their current maximum size.

Cisco plans Whiptail purchase for data centre play

Cisco Systems Inc., today announced plans to acquire New Jersey-based solid state memory systems developer Whiptail for $415 million to bolster its data centre...

EMC hikes power of VNX line

EMC Corp. is putting more muscle into its top-selling storage line in Canada. The company said Wednesday that new versions of the mid-range VNX series...

EMC launches ‘Project Lightning’ PCIe

'Project Thunder' to follow in Q2 as an all-flash appliance

Intel, Toshiba, Samsung aim to halve chip circuitry size

The three firms also plan to form a consortium of 10 companies that make products in the semiconductor or related industries

Data warehousing vendors bicker over flash memory

Speed is the new buzzword in town for data warehousing vendors as flash memory storage is used to get around the long-time bottleneck of reading and writing to disk. But Oracle, IBM and others are taking different approaches

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