Articles Related to Filtering reaches out to Muslim Web users

Users get a warning but can still continue their search when they type in words like beer, pork, porn or rape on the new Muslim-centric search engine that filters for content that is

China delays Net filtering mandate for PC makers

Questions of piracy, security and free speech still hang as China suddenly postpones its own deadline for computer makers to install Internet filtering software on all devices they ship to the country

Obama could impact Canadian net neutrality laws

The first U.S. president to carry a BlackBerry made it a campaign promise to enact net neutrality legislation. Will he go through with it? And why should Canadians care?

’60s cheque forger turned security consultant, during his interview at Computerworld’s Storage Networking World conference.

Is it really possible to develop anti-spam solutions for every spam trick? Almost certainly not. But, without the research that is being carried out today, spam might be a whole lot worse. Here is a list of a dozen research projects that focus on new technology and techniques to stop spam of all kinds. This list contains select papers made public at the Fourth Conference on Email and Anti-Spam (CEAS 2007). The President of CEAS is Gordon V. Cormack, Professor at the David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science at the University of Waterloo.

Loose architecture lost without maps, finds study

New research on how IT resources are being managed in the emerging world of dynamic computing has revealed a more direct correlation between advanced relational mapping tools and IT

Microsoft joins e-mail managed services fray

Microsoft Corp. has fully subsumed services it acquired from FrontBridge Technologies last year, rebranding and pricing the company's e-mail managed services and setting out a road map for them.

ServGate makes net security less expensive

ServGate last week streamlined the pricing of its multi-service security platforms so customers pay a lower flat price for the hardware and security software no matter how many users they support on it.

Slamming spam the Industry Canada way

Less than a year ago, spam used to be facetiously referred to as the "killer app" at Industry Canada (IC). The reality, though, wasn't that funny. Spam eroded employee productivity, sucked up server and storage bandwidth and inflated infrastructure costs. Seventy per cent of all of the Department's incoming e-mail was spam

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