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Falling satellites will begin to pose risks by 2035, says FAA

A report from the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) warns that falling satellites could pose a significant risk to people and aircraft by 2035.

Lawmakers condemn FAA outage, want remedy

Over 120 U.S. lawmakers informed the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Wednesday that the computer outage that interrupted 11,000 flights was “completely unacceptable” and requested the agency clarifies how it intends to avoid future incidents.

Canada, U.S., hit by NOTAM system failures

NAV Canada, owner and operator of Canada's civil air navigation service (ANS) tweeted yesterday that their NOTAM (Notice to Air Missions) entry system suffered...

Federal Aviation Administration downs systems following NOTAM crash

The American Federal Aviation Administration system is down, resulting in thousands of flight delays and cancellations across the country.

Hashtag Trending Jan 12- House Republicans to grill Big Tech; Phony managerial titles to avoid paying overtime; Flights grounded

House Republicans hold a panel to grill Big Tech about censorship and government collusion accusations, bosses are giving phoney managerial titles to workers to...

Hashtag Trending – New privacy tools from Google, Alexa goes job hunting, UPS delivery drones approved

Google rolls out new privacy features, Alexa steps up to help people find jobs, and UPS gets federal approval for a fleet of delivery drones.

FAA bans 15-inch Apple MacBook Pros with defective batteries

FAA bans MacBook Pros with exploding batteries from flying on U.S. airlines.

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