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Breaking up Google is not what we want: EU lawmakers

EU motion is non-binding and doesn't mention Google

Sweden’s Pirate Party sails for Brussels

Avast ye copyright lubber! The party demanding citizens' right to privacy, copyright law reform, and the dismantling of the patent system, has won a seat in the European parliament

EU debates privacy status of IP addresses

Internet search companies argue that an IP address merely locates a computer rather than identifying the user. But EU data protection officials say if a person can be identified by an IP address, it's private information

European legislators aim to cap roaming fees by summer

European legislators hope that a compromise agreement to cap mobile phone roaming charges will become law before Europeans take their summer holidays.

UK minister pushes data retention laws

U.K. Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has dismissed suggestions that new Europe-wide laws that require companies to store telecommunications data to help in the hunt for terrorists would impose excessive costs on industry.

E.U. ministers sign off on proposed patent law

The European Union (E.U.) has taken a step closer to agreeing on controversial new legislation that could make it easier for technology companies to patent their inventions in Europe. The development came as a blow to critics of the proposed law, who argue that it could drive small software developers out of the market.

Hopes of fresh start on E.U. software patent law set back

Opponents of controversial legislation which would allow software to be patented across the European Union (E.U.) have received a double blow this week.

E.U. ministers, Parliament clash on patent legislation

Ministers from European Union (E.U.) governments are planning to push ahead with controversial legislation that would open the door for software to be patented, despite a request by members of the European Parliament to restart the legal process for the proposed law.

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