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USMCA won’t affect Amazon Web Services Canada region: Gales

The new trade agreement makes specific mention of not requiring cloud services to be located in a country's territory.

President to President with Eric Gales, Amazon Web Services Canada

ITWC President Fawn Annan hosts Eric Gales, country manager for AWS Canada. A pilot, an underwater hockey enthusiast, and a customer-obsessed leader, Gales shares his views on AI and how it's about to reshape the face of business.

Microsoft Canada presidents of the past

Kevin Peesker is the latest executive to take on the role of leading Microsoft Canada's organization. As he becomes the 10th president of Microsoft's history, we take a look back at the other leaders in the past.

Amazon Web Services now offers local Canadian region availability

The Canadian-soil cloud hosting that AWS promised at the start of 2016 is online just in time for its end.

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