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What happened with CentOS will not happen with Rocky Linux: Kurtzer

Gregory Kurtzer, who founded and once led the former open-source project CentOS Linux as well as The cAos Foundation, the organization where early development...

Adobe to deactivate all user accounts in Venezuela

To comply with an executive order issued by the U.S. government, Adobe is deactivating all accounts in Venezuela. The computer software company will no longer be providing users access to services and software, including free ones, or allowing users to make any new transactions or purchases. 

ITWC partners with – because buying enterprise software should be more like deciding where to eat for dinner

Whether you're planning where to eat for dinner tonight, selecting which movie you're going to watch this weekend with friends, or buying an instant...

The Business Leadership Podcast: Eli Aleyner, GM of alliances at Pivotal

This software product master discusses how to build an eco-system, launch a startup within a large enterprise, and scale revenue with the power of technology.

Comparing enterprise software with confidence

The Internet has made it much easier for people to decide on a software solution for their organization. While pre-Internet you had to do...

An inside look at an online tool to source ERP and other enterprise applications

Online tool from Technology Evaluation Centers provides 4,600 criteria to guide organizations toward the best software for their business

Wizeline offers baby steps approach to software product management

Software teams can evaluate where they’re spending their development dollars with this product intelligence system

Software that improves customer relationships and business strategy

Done right, marketing automation will help you collect business data in real-time, and decide whether new business goals are needed

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