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One-third of organizations question IT infrastructure supporting remote workforce, says BlackBerry report

The remote workforce will continue post-pandemic and organizations want better tools to secure their dispersed workforce.

Information-Centric Security

As the amount of data being created, shared and consumed skyrockets, IT security challenges increase. IT security professionals need to keep pace with identifying...

The security immune system: An integrated approach to protecting your organization

Today's expanded security arsenal of fragmented, disconnected point products has added complexity without significantly improving the overall security posture of the organization. The result?...

Next-generation IPS and firewall

Firewalls are best at controlling access to the network from outside. They are the security guard at the gate who controls who can enter,...

CISO role is gaining traction: Survey

A recent survey indicates that senior management is beginning to trust the CISO more

Innovative IT urged by Minnesota CIO

The CIO of the state of Minnesota, Gopal Khanna, wants to see technology better leveraged to transform government operations and enable IT teams to "take risks and come up with solutions." Khanna addressed attendees to the annual Minnesota Government IT Symposium.

Symantec buys ON Technology Corp. for US$100 million

Symantec Corp. continued to strengthen its standing as a seller of enterprise security technology on Monday, announcing the purchase of ON Technology Corp., a maker of remote PC management technology, for US$100 million in cash.

Single architecture is the end goal

Security is generally a system made up of different parts, and enterprises want those disparate parts to communicate with each other. The conundrum is that they also want to purchase best of breed which can lead to a mosaic of vendor goods.

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