Articles Related to Encryption Standard

Why you should upgrade to WPA2

In the wake of a report that two researchers have defeated Temporal Key Integrity Protocol, wireless experts are advising Wi-Fi users to get WPA2. How safe is Advanced Encryption Standard?

SSHA ramps up security for backup storage

Smart Systems for Health Agency (SSHA) has it all taped out. The Ontario Government agency has taken steps to guarantee the security of its backup tape systems that hold sensitive health information. Each day this information criss-crosses the SSHA technology infrastructure that links more than 80 per cent of Ontario

Encryption must move beyond secure hash algorithm

At the Crypto 2004 conference in Santa Barbara, Calif. last month, researchers announced several weaknesses in common hash functions.

Wireless LAN worries

This is supposed to be the year that the industry addresses the serious security shortcomings that are holding back enterprise wireless LAN rollouts. But...

Cryptography for the masses

Cryptography expert Martin Hellman, co-inventor of Diffie-Hellman public-key encryption, says he never encrypts his e-mail. It

IBM secures e-businesses

IBM unveiled a new version of its zOS mainframe operating system that allows users to create and manage millions of digital certificates, thereby making e-businesses more secure.

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