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Alcatel-Lucent will cut WiMAX investment to reduce costs

Former Bell CEO Jean Monty has joined the board as the telecommunications manufacturer attempts to cut US$1.3 billion over the next two years

Mobilizing the process

Areas like field operations, dispatch, fleet management, and sales and marketing point of sale are where wireless technology could reap value for business, says a Rogers exec

SOA tops CIOs wish lists

According to IDC's Forecast for Management (FFM) Survey, half of responding CIOs have SOA in their 2008 budgets. "This is interesting as many IT industry participants first saw SOA as another standards and application development paradigm wave that would just fade away," said Melissa Martin, an analyst with IDC Australia.

Study: VANs, ISPs have opportunities in South Africa

Until now, most analysts have assumed that the emerging regulatory changes, including the forthcoming convergence legislation, would take place relatively slowly, without any sudden, revolutionary changes

Bring on the scrutiny

Pop quiz: In a climate where regulations affecting data protection, customer privacy and financial reporting are on the increase, which answer best describes how CIOs should view their new oversight duties?

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